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03  June 2016
Matica launches new XL8300 over-sized retransfer printer for event credentials. DSS Plastics Group selected to supply card stock.



Matica ́s new XL8300 is an innovative retransfer printer, that specializes in printing exceptionally high quality oversized cards for the event management industry, and is capable of printing up to 128 cards per hour. The XL8300 offers contactless encoding as an option and like the rest of the XID Series 8 family it retains high quality print production.

The event management and conferencing market is a growth sector that includes conventions, trade shows and sports events such as the Olympics, motorsports, golf, football, tennis and all other competitions. Similarly, corporate environments may need wide format cards where access control requires immediate personal identification. At sites of specialized security the XL8300 has the option to encode contactless cards for electronic access control.

Further, the XL8300 can print text, logo and images in UV ink and prints efficiently on a range of card materials including PVC, ABS and PET so its flexibility surpasses the market’s alternative solutions. Producing non-standard, wide format cards that reflect the calibre of events and conference organizers’ own branding is a challenge in today’s market, and it is critical that companies can feel confident that visitor and guest cards show them in a good light. The XL8300 achieves that, in part because its retransfer technology is superior.

It ́s compact design making it supremely practical and a unique solution to issue wide badge formats on site. The XL8300 is therefore entering a market with limited competition and offers a unique solution to issue wide badge format in color HQ printing based on Matica’s most sought after printer in the desktop arenas: the XID8300. As one the newest members to Matica’s XID Series 8 family, the new XL8300 also benefits from its proven and well-known retransfer technology and offers the biggest individually printable areas in the market.

To purchase cards, email Mike Caulley.

To view the Matica XL8300 printer specs and brochure, please visit this link.

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