Card Formulations

P3 has developed seven different formulations of cards for use in virtually every environment.

Has your current card cracked, chipped or warped? Is your card exposed to extreme heat or cold? Does your bar code wear off after only swiping it a couple of hundred times?

P3 has solved these and many more card durability problems with their many composite formulation cards.

Please click on the links above to learn more about our various plastic card formulations we offer. Life expectancy, card durability, laser engravable, etc. P3 offers it all.

Limitless Creativity

Built to Last

Using composite formulations that combine PVC with other resilient plastics enhances the structural durability of the card body. Cards manufactured with composite material are especially well suited for applications that include magnetic stripe or barcode. Durable materials extend the life of personalized cards and ID documents, reducing the need for reissuance and lowering overall costs.