P3 is a vertically and horizontally integrated full service item level security and asset protection provider with strong RFID solution capabilities. P3 supplements its arsenal of 35 patented and patent pending deterrent technologies with additional layers of protective value determined from in-depth understanding of our customers' needs and our deep understanding of how best to implement appropriate security technologies.

We start with a protective program analysis and then design pro-active security programs crafted to client specific needs. RFID is one example of a suite of feature rich P3 technologies that can stand alone as a powerful track and trace solution for credential cards and durable RFID asset tags or P3's RFID programs can integrate into a complete security solution for brand owners, event owners, and parties responsible for physical access control in small offices to large corporate campuses. P3 is the only RFID program supplier that can validate its credentials and packaging even if the power goes out.


P3 offers turnkey RFID solutions in security and item tracking that leverage the combined strengths of the P3 group companies including P3 Digital, our cloud computing group specializing in secure item level data transactions and other sensitive data and information content management. P3 also partners with select group of RFID software and hardware suppliers to craft state-of-the-art RFID turnkey solutions for our clients. Our well thought authentication and traceability RFID services can be delivered instantly via Web browser interfaces and a software-as-a-service (SaaS) from P3 Digital's secure data center facilities. P3 has the experts on staff to provide the right level of system performance for the expected level SaaS response time. In some cases, P3 provides a hybrid solution where some critical database information is cached locally for speed and throughput, then forwarded to the cloud for secure archiving and data mining.


P3 offers brand owners and security program owners fully integrated protection in the form of security packaging, mass serialization using RFID and barcode technologies, and secure asset tracking and people awareness programs built on the latest standards in RFID technology. P3 Digital Group takes the our custom security solutions one step further with integration services into client ERP and manufacturing management systems. P3 Digital assists clients in recording appropriate information about item security, be it mass serialization at the item level to retaining actionable records about variable print security features implemented on individual packages.


RFID-centric security programs can be time limited such as a high profile entertainment event, intermittent duration for careful accounting of re-usable transport containers and tote bins and their contents, or continuous high volume item level RFID applied directly within the structures of a P3 secure folded carton construction needing continuous throughput management. The P3 group of division’s offers comprehensive engagement management services to keep our client security programs always on for the expected duration.