RFID technology has numerous uses. It relieves the need and cost of constant monitoring and extra security personnel.

Here are a few examples of RFID applications in todays world...


It takes thousands of workers to execute on a major sporting event. Everyone from food service workers to ushers to on-site paramedics need the appropriate level of physical access authorization which can change by the minute. Ushers deployed before the event may be called upon for crowd control during half time festivities. P3 maintains relationships with leading event security detail suppliers for RFID based credentials that enable faster loading of event staff into a venue and dynamically changeable access levels as the event progresses.

P3's RFID ticket stock provides exceptional throughput of event attendees that can be combined with value add amenities for season ticket holders and pre-paid concession purchases using RFID.

The same RFID technology used by the Department of Defense for precise awareness of assets is applicable to the timely need for event supplies, be it racks of food service plates and cutlery to tote bins of sporting equipment or even portable toilets. RFID can provide knowledge of event asset in real time so that management can respond with appropriate decisions.

  • Turnstile/ticketing for attendees
  • Event worker credentials with handheld and turnstiles
  • Hot dog and beer purchase Mifare "gift card"
  • Asset tracking/tote bins of supplies and sporting equipment



P3 supports retail operations with improved efficiency and safety. P3 supplies economically priced time card name badges incorporating RFID and magnetic stripes, re-usable tote bins and fresh food rack plastic RFID tags with and without wear-proof barcodes, and reusable RFID apparel tags that can pay for themselves in just a few cycles. Our Packaging Group can integrate encoded RFID inlays and labels directly within folded boxes for improved packaging line speeds and added tamper evident protection.

  • Employee badges
  • Reusable barcode tags
  • Integrated RFID packaging
  • Reusable tote bins/fresh food racks



P3's plastic encapsulation techniques can be applied to almost any RFID inlay affording medical device makers the freedom to choose whatever RFID frequency and chip features are best suited to their needs, including gamma sterilization compatible RFID technologies. P3 provides durable tag constructions in PVC, polycarbonate and polyester ideally suited for attachment to disposable surgical items, nameplates for medical devices and test kits, various pill bottle cap inserts and other tag designs to effectively add very low failure rate RFID functionality to high risk and high value healthcare items. P3's credit card sized custom ID badges are a perfect choice for personalized patient awareness RFID programs at outpatient clinics to monitor patient movement from various treatments, tests, and waiting areas.

  • Disposable surgical item authentication
  • RFID nameplate for medical device
  • Patient ID in treatment facility
  • Pill bottle cap tag



P3's industrial grade plastic tag constructions are deployed in many industrial and business applications where durable asset tags and fine printing techniques combine to improve process efficiency. P3 clients include custom designed and printed UHF parking access hang tags.

  • Coffee been sack tag
  • Soybean processing plant card
  • Parking hang tag for cars and motorcycles